Best Practices for Employment Background Checks

Uncategorized - February 21, 2019 1:34 pm

When employers conduct background checks, they are taking an important step to building the best team possible. The team will work together every day and will spend lots of time together. It takes a lot of effort to piecemeal a great team. Background checks help select and keep the best candidates.

When performing a background check, employers should seek the following information regarding applicants: verification of address; criminal history (state and federal); verification of employment history; verification of edicafion; driving history; whether the person is a sexual offender; verification of any professional licenses; and social media screening. This list is not exhaustive and it should be tailored based on the relevance to the job.

Employers will face the challenge of deciding how to weigh the information obtained, and they must ensure they are remaining compliant with state and federal laws. Employers should be weary of patterns that emerge from the background check data. For example, in verifying employment history, keep an eye out for the employee who has changed jobs often as that person may not be a long-term candidate.

It is important to keep in mind that employers should not be solely looking for negatives about a candidate. Some indicators may reveal a personality trait or unique response that may be a real asset to your team, despite it not being included on the candidates resume.