Background Checks & Services

Make Backgrounds Plus your professional pre-employment screening service.

services We have been in business for 20 years* here in Vermont however we provide services to clients nationally as well as internationally. Backgrounds Plus was established to meet the growing needs of Human Resources managers dealing with pre-employment screening as mandated by contracts as well as wanting to provide a safe workplace for employees and to protect their clients. We are fully licensed as Private Investigators and have a wide network of data and contacts. We are proud to have been founding members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Our staff of professional investigators are trained in the most up to date and efficient ways of obtaining the information needed to assist you in making the best selection from your candidate pool.

We are not an “on line service” which offer instant results for unrealistic prices.

Our criminal record searching is done by researchers at the various courts in a timely manner thus reducing the inaccurate, outdated or misleading information. We are able to determine pending cases as well as dismissed and plea changes whereas computerized information may only look for convictions ( and sometimes only felonies). There is no such thing as a “national criminal search” or “national databank”. Although many courts handle requests through computerized searching, this requires a subscription to the service. Even today other courts are not computerized therefore their records are never accessible except by hand searching.

Anyone relying on “fingerprinting” as the answer to end all is missing vital information. Fingerprinting although more often done as scanning today is incomplete for many reasons; no prints are obtained, the cases are not reported to a central databank or they do not meet a specific criteria to be retained.

We offer additional background services to meet the needs of other job levels including:

  • Credit Reports
  • Education Verification
  • Driving History
  • Additional criminal searches-foreign countries
  • Management Due Diligence packages are available upon request

A signed release from the applicant is required (we will provide this necessary form).

We will also be available to assist you in setting up a screening program as well as the ongoing screening and investigative services needed by businesses such as your.

At Backgrounds Plus we are as close as the telephone 24/7 if you have problems or questions. Our answering service will direct your call immediately if we are not available to take the call personally.

* The parent company Barton Agency has been in business since 1974.


WHO Needs Background Screening Services

  1. Manufacturing Companies
    1. Management and Supervisory personnel
    2. Shift workers
    3. Transportation workers
  2. Retail Businesses
    1. Sales Persons
    2. Managers
    3. Financial Personnel
  3. Delivery and Distribution
    1. General employees
    2. Truck Drivers
    3. Financial officers
  4. Education – Summer Camp
    1. President/Directors
    2. Teaching staff
    3. Support personnel (kitchen, dorm, maintenance)
    4. Volunteers
  5. Hospitality
    1. Managers – supervisors
    2. Managers – supervisors Managers – supervisors Managers – supervisors
    3. Service employees
    4. Professional specialists (trainers, therapists, chefs)
    5. Kitchen – wait-staff
    6. Housekeeping
  6. Healthcare
    1. Licensed professionals
    2. Support staff
  7. Service Industry
    1. Supervisors and managers
    2. Employees
    3. Federal Requirement
  8. Personal
    1. Nannies
    2. Care-givers for elderly
    3. Maintenance persons
    4. Tenant screening