How Cheap Background Checks Put You at Risk

News and Notes - June 5, 2018 6:27 pm

We’ve compiled seven truths that all employers need in order to avoid cheap background checks. No, not all background checks are the same. There are any number of cheap background checks that simply do not do a complete job, leaving you open to murderers, thieves, sexual predators, and other criminals all while increasing vulnerability, liability, and litigation exposure.

1. Indexes and databases containing nationwide criminal records do not exist.
There are a variety of corporations that boast the ownership of databases and records which contain criminal records, nationwide. However there are many holes in that particular statement.In fact, only 13% of 500 convicted criminals were recorded on one of America’s largest and most reliable background check companies. Online criminal record checks and background checks for cheap rates are extremely inefficient and do not provide thorough investigation.

2. There are some states that cannot provide a full criminal record on their state alone.
The Texas Department of Public Safety could not reveal the criminal records for many of the inmates currently on Texas’ Death Row when you looked up their names on instant background checks. How can people rely on online databases if the DPS doesn’t have these high-profile worst-of-the-worst criminals in their records.

3. It is typically against the law to use online background check databases.
Online instant background check corporations are breaking Federal laws everyday by providing their services. This also puts their customers at risk of federal investigation and civil suits. What is the point in using a faulty, unreliable background check website that puts the customer in danger when it should be helping them get useful information on potential employees.

4. Misdemeanor doesn’t mean minor.
A misdemeanor is a broad charge that could mean a variety of offenses. Assault, theft, weapons charges, prostitution, drugs, and driving while intoxicated are all misdemeanors. Background checks should include misdemeanors and not slack on them due to some of the more severe crimes that can fall within this same category.

5. The 7-year criminal history “rule” is mistaken.
State law allows background checks to search back 10 years minimum. Many companies lie and only search back 7 years because it is easier, cheaper and they state that 7 years is the maximum in which you can search a person’s record. When inquiring about a background check, make sure to ask the right questions so that you can make sure you receive the best service possible.

6. Most employment applicants have lived in at least three different counties in the last decade.
Applicants today typically move around and live in multiple counties. Many background checks will look into their records for their current county as opposed to the past. It is very important to look into all counties and the records they have there.

7. Criminals know how to hide their past.
Fake identities, false residences, and number of other loopholes can allow criminals to hide their past. Background check websites do not have the resources to look past these loopholes and get the full story on a person’s past. Complete identity verification is absolutely crucial.