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Demand for criminal background checks at record level in R.I.

Kris Craig/The Providence Journal - October 19, 2013 11:15 PM Stephanie Tungate, a staff member in the attorney general's office, demonstrates how fingerprints are scanned and electronically taken when getting a background check. She was set up at the Middletown Police Department, one of eight locations where BCI checks were recently done. By MARK REYNOLDS Journal Staff Writer PROVIDENCE — Demand for criminal background checks has never been higher in Rhode Island. Want to work as a massage therapist, schoolteacher, motorcycling instructor or caretaker in a nursing home? Need to bring your family to a homeless shelter? If the answer is yes, you'll need to visit a police department or the attorney general's office on South Main Street, where employees in the Bureau of Criminal Identification will search in-state criminal history information and may also connect with the National Crime Information Center. But don't be surprised if a few peop

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Backgrounds Plus screens our temp force before they are offered a full time position with our company. As a result of this we have been able to make better hiring decisions based on the information provided by them. LM We were about to hire a Credit Manager for our automotive company when we sent the release to do a background over to Backgrounds Plus. Not only had this individual filed bankruptcy several times but he had been using multiple social security numbers and names. Our organization did not make him a job offer. RR As part of our background screening we ask Backgrounds Plus to verify education and licenses needed to fill the position we have advertised for. It was helpful to learn that the necessary licenses in this state were not current. KD Our staff must be licensed to conduct business here in this state and part of the background screening is to verify degrees listed on resumes. Once the individual found out that we would be checking he withdrew his name from consideration; when the report came back the reason was evident. He had attended college 1 semester and had no degree. BG Backgrounds Plus was asked to locate a family member after many years of separation. As a result we now have a complete family and the father of a wonderful lady is on the way to meet her in person after 30 years apart. SP On her death bed my mother confessed to having had a child she gave up at birth. Because my sister had passed away at a young age I thought I had no other living relatives. Backgrounds Plus took on the challenge and after a number of months came back with the information that the young child had died within months of being adopted. Not the hoped for result but a resolution to the situation. PD

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